Phil Conrad, after reading my essay about engineering goodness, pointed me to Jeff Attwood’s blog, “Bridges, Software Engineering, and God”, which nicely demonstrates that software development has very little in common with classical engineering disciplines like Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.

Attwood concludes that “…Software development is unquestionably a profession, but I don’t think we can learn as much from the fields of mathematics or traditional engineering as is so often assumed…”

I completely agree with him and I share his frustrations with naive comparisons (I am speaking as a mechanical engineer, computer engineer and a software developer).

engineers-software-engineers-2.pngI think one cause of misunderstanding is that people tend to confuse the professions with the professionals. Even though software development and engineering are quite different, the people in those professions are very similar – engineers are just like software developers. I’m thinking in particular about “creative technical people.” You know the type; they are drawn to engineering and computer science because they like to make things. They are caricatured in literature, movies and TV as the typical inventor-geek.engineers-software-engineers.png

Of course, engineers and software developers vary in how well they fit this “technical creative” stereotype, and some don’t fit it at all. And some of very the best don’t have formal degrees in their fields but were instead irresistibly drawn to their careers from other professions. My children fit the mold, but in different ways; My daughter is more of an engineer and my son is more of a computer person.

Although engineers and software people must necessarily follow a totally different process for building things, their ultimate value to society is measured in terms of what they have created. This ties in nicely with my observations on engineering goodness; no matter what process you follow to create new things, you should measure your progress against some standard, evaluate how well you are doing and follow strategies to improve your record.This could be said of most endeavors, but for engineering and software development the application of the principal is the same.

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2 Responses to “Software Engineers are not Engineers”

  1. Tech 4D » Blog Archive » The Cost of Complexity says:

    [...] many respects, software engineering bears little resemblance to other engineering disciplines, but in this case, there are real parallels. Just as in circuit breakers, more parts means more $, [...]

  2. Dave says:

    I think that the word “engineer” has broadened in recent decades. There are not just mechanical or electrical engineers, but there are also software engineers and reliability engineers out there too that although they are not exhibiting manual labor, they are still somehow engineering something.

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